Laundry Day in Rome – Fresh Orange Juice

Sometimes long vacations land us in unexciting but necessary places. Most extended trips find us at a laundry facility because we like to pack light and bring home lots of souvenirs in the form of clothes, chocolate and fun things for our kids. One morning in Rome found us at a laundry mat that was just north of our hotel, near Piazza Navona tucked down a street just wide enough for a Vespa. For those not familiar with laundry it takes some time and on vacation it seems to take twice as long. We usually try to plan it around a meal, usually the last breakfast before we travel to the next city.

Fresh Blood Orange Juice for Breakfast in Rome, Italy.

Fresh Blood Orange Juice for Breakfast in Rome, Italy.

After we started our wash we wandered the tight streets in the neighborhood. We seemed to be the only non-Romans around, which for us is always a good sign. Then we saw a café serving pastries. As we walked in again we were the only non-Romans is the house. In Rome at breakfast your drink choices are usually fresh orange juice, coffee or espresso. This particular place was serving fresh Blood Orange Juice. So we ordered what looked and tasted like croissants with orange crème and 2 glasses of orange juice. This was by far my favorite breakfast of the trip and probably any trip as the Blood Orange Juice was amazing. So if you find yourself in Italy, especially in the spring make sure to have some fresh orange juice it will make your morning.

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