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Glacier View Inn – Hotel Review


View from the deck of the Glacier View Inn, after all the crowds have cleared out for the day.


Glacier View Inn 


Located on Icefields Parkway in Alberta, Canada 185 km North of Banff, 104 km South of Jasper.  The Glacier View Inn is a tale of two hotels.  Located on the 3rd floor of the Glacier Discover Center which from 8 am to 5 pm is full of people coming and going from tours and hikes to the Athabasca Glacier.  From 5 pm on the whole area clears out and you can have the area to your self.  We spent one night here in late July.   It snowed on the glacier the night before we got here.  Needless to say any visit this far North even in the summer make sure you pack appropriate clothes.

As for the hotel itself it was great.  A mix between and chalet and a Best Western.  The room was great, we stayed in the rooms with a loft for our kids.  Defiantly worth staying the night.

Restaurants: There are 2 food options here.  The Dining Room is a more expensive restaurant.  It serves 3 meals but has pretty strict hours so check that if you plan on eating here.  There is a cafeteria style restaurant.  It is open during the day when visitors are in the Glacier Discover Center.  We ate at both places, neither were amazing but there were only two choices.

Coming Soon The Glacier Adventure, which is really the reason to stay at the Glacier View Inn

Galeries Lafayette – Hidden Gem in the middle of Paris

Let’s start by saying Galaries Lafayette is not a secret nor is it hidden but there is more to this monster department store than an amazing stain-glass skylight.  Near the Opera Garnier (think Phantom of the Opera) the home to the French National Opera, Galeries Lafayette operates 3 huge stores on Rue du Lafayette.  It is always mentioned in the shopping sections of guide books as ‘the’ department store in Paris, and really in all of France.  That being said it can be much more than a basement full of women’s shoes, and we mean the entire basement floor is stall after stall of brands of women’s shoes. It is near the Paris Metro stops of Opera and Chausse d’Antin de Lafayette.

View of the Eiffel Tower beyond the green roof of the Paris Opera House.

View of the Eiffel Tower beyond the green roof of the Paris Opera House.

Stained Glass skylight at Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

Stained Glass skylight at Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

Near the roof of the store there are multiple cafeteria style cafes.  You won’t find high cuisine here but what you will find is a reasonable place to eat a meal or grab a snack, and that place has amazing views of the heart of Paris.  Venture up to the roof you will find lounge chairs set up on AstroTurf and 360 degree view of the City of Light.   This is a free view of the city where as most other view points are ticketed and have huge lines.  We visited on a rainy day in March and the views were a little obscured by clouds but because most of Paris was built 5 stories or less you can still see all the sites that you would want to see.

Across the street from the main store which is geared toward Women you will find the men’s (Homme) store and kiddie corner from the main store is the home store.  These are fun places to wander on a rainy day.  The main store has a pretty fun toy and souvenir section as well.  While we wouldn’t say that it is a must do we have always enjoyed the spectacle of the store and it is a great place to rest from the elements for a while.